Control Tec has recognized expertise in construction management in the sectors of:

  • Shoppings Centers;
  • Retail (large chain stores and supermarkets);
  • Industries;
  • Hospitals;
  • Distribution centers;
  • Residential and Commercial developments;
  • Infrastructure Projects.
Technical Studies and Analysis
  • Technical and financial feasibility analysis for land purchase for Projects deployment;
  • Technical reports formulation of civil survey and existing facilities enterprises evaluation;
  • Cost estimates preparation for enterprises in development stage.
Project Management and Technical Coordination
  • Hiring architecture designers and complementary;
  • Administrative and financial documentation control;
  • Architectural and complementary projects coordination;
  • Physical and financial schedules development;
  • Compatible material delivery for the work execution;
  • Cost estimates and budgets preparation for each project phase.
Project Development
  • Architectural and complementary projects elaboration and compatible material, for work execution;
  • Executive projects development from Conceptual Design to international projects;
Planning, Budget and Bidding
  • Planning: Physical and financial schedules development, implementation plan focusing on the best engineering techniques performance ensuring budget compliance stipulated by the client at all stages, from design specifications to building systems;
  • Budget: Cost and budgets estimates for projects and works for all the project phases;
  • Bid: Process for hiring development for the companies that will perform the necessary work for the construction of the enterprise.

Management Construction

Management of all the necessary steps to control the smooth progress of work, with administrative routines, technical and financial, focusing on meeting deadlines, scope, quality and costs.

For this service implementation Control Tec provides a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in similar projects working in all areas of the Development.

Infrastructure Projects
  • Functional projects drafting, advisory and validation;
  • Project coordination;
  • Projects compatibilization and final approval.
Shopkeepers Implantation Management

Management of all the necessary steps required for the stores implantation, to inaugurate the Shopping Center, including:

  • Technical Manuals coordination;
  • Stores Projects coordination;
  • Follow-up of the stores works execution;
  • Development of shell-specific plants (perimeter location and utility points);
  • Validation of the shopkeepers projects, through specialized consultants;
  • Monthly monitoring Reports.