Confins International Airport

Management Construction

Construction of the new Passenger Terminal:

  • Building Area : 48,892 m².
  • 04 floors with capacity expanded to 22 million passengers / year. Reform and adjustment in the system of existing runways and landings.
  • 17 new boarding bridges, 18 elevators, 44 yard positions, 09 escalators, 06 moving walkways, 04 baggage systems.
  • Construction of new central utility and measuring cabin.
  • Adequacy of the road system and parking lots, with an extension of approximately 40,000 m² and 1,800 additional parking spaces.

Lane expansion for landing and takeoffs:

  • Landings and take-off runway extension in 29,000 m² and courtyard in 4,000 m². Capacity increase to 48 aircraft positions.

Retrofit of the existing terminal:

  • Number channels inspection expansion, from 8 to 13 and installation of 5 more boarding gates.
  • Commercial areas expansion (17 to 38 concessions).
  • Self check-increase areas, with 40 new service totems.
  • Extension and modernization of sanitary facilities, baby changing facilities, sanitary facilities for the family and for people with special needs.
  • Coverage system reform.