Trust, integrity and technical expertise are the watchwords of Control Tec.

We are an engineering services company specialized in management implementation, projects coordination and compatibility, ranging from feasibility studies to the post-work and start-up. For more than 30 years, our success has been based on the priority that the company places in each business, serving the Customer in a strategic, responsible and personalized way, always focusing on matching their expectations, and generating good results and satisfaction.

We believe that to succeed, it is not enough to get the best product or the best technology, but also the best human capital, represented by a highly qualified multidisciplinary technical team.

Felipe Guerra



  • Promover resultados que permitam o crescimento interno e a estabilidade da empresa no mercado;
  • Assegurar a satisfação do cliente, atendendo as suas necessidades e expectativas;
  • Capacitar e Aculturar nossos colaboradores na aplicação e funcionamento do sistema de Gestão da Qualidade;
  • Obter melhoria nos processos de Gerenciamento de Obras e Projetos..